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The New Gay Teen Titan and LGBT in Comics

Teen Titans #3 give us our first real indroduction to the team’s openly gay member, Bunker.

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Teen Titans #3 ever since artist Brett Booth announced on his blog that the issue would be introducing Miguel Jose Barragan, a new flamboyant, openly gay, Mexican superhero who goes by the alias Bunker.

In a recent interview with Comic Vine, Scott Lobdell explained his decision to create a new openly gay Titan: “It just came about because when Brett [Booth] and I were asked to create some new characters, he and I agreed that the comics industry is filled to overflowing with straight white male characters… Continue reading ‘The New Gay Teen Titan and LGBT in Comics’

DC’s New 52 and the Difference Between Sexualizing and Objectifying

Starfire from Red Hood and The Outlaws #1

If you haven’t already, go read Laura Hudson’s amazing article: The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their ‘Liberated Sexuality’. It masterfully lays out point by point the manner in which Catwoman and Starfire are objectified in DC’s New 52.

Since it came out, the article has drummed up a bit of controversy and has received some diverse responses, including one from a 7 year-old female Teen Titans fan and one from Mr. Jim Shooter, author of the infamous rape of Ms. Marvel
Continue reading ‘DC’s New 52 and the Difference Between Sexualizing and Objectifying’

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