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Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Racist in Legal Street Battle

Phoenix Jones of the Rain City Superhero Movement

It would seem that real life superhero Phoenix Jones recently got to punch out a real life racist! Continue reading ‘Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Racist in Legal Street Battle’

Jewish Civilian Patrol Stops Real Life Red Skull

RL Brooklyn Robber looked like Marvel’s Red SkullIn stark contrast to the real life superheroes I’ve discussed before, it appears that a few Brooklyn banks were being terrorized by a Red Skull look-alike before being stopped by a Jewish civilian patrol.

The New York Post reported that Kevin Crawford, 20, allegedly robbed a couple of banks in Brooklyn with a gun and a Halloween mask reminiscent of Captain America’ arch nemesis, the Red Skull.

It all started on Tuesday, October 19th when he successfully made off with $1,960 from the Dime Savings Bank in Williamsburg. Continue reading ‘Jewish Civilian Patrol Stops Real Life Red Skull’

Assault Charges Dropped on RLSH Phoenix Jones

Benjamin Fodor aka Phoenix Jones has had his October assault charge dropped.

There’s finally some good news for Phoenix Jones, as the City of Seattle has officially dropped the misdemeanor assault charges against the real life super hero. As you’ll remember, last month Phoenix Jones was arrested Continue reading ‘Assault Charges Dropped on RLSH Phoenix Jones’

Phoenix Jones’ Arrest, Unmasking, and Return

Benjamin Fodor, 23 aka Phoenix Jones

This past week has been a turbulent one for Seattle based real life superhero, Phoenix Jones. It started last Sunday, October 9, 2011 at approximately 2:30am when the RLSH was arrested on charges of assault. While patrolling Jones pepper sprayed a group of individuals Continue reading ‘Phoenix Jones’ Arrest, Unmasking, and Return’

My 2011 Dragon*Con Presentation

Myself and the Crimson Crusader

Dragon*Con weekend went extremely well. I would like to thank the wonderful audience who came out for my Comics & Popular Arts Conference presentation on Sunday morning. Despite Saturday night being the biggest party night of the con, Continue reading ‘My 2011 Dragon*Con Presentation’

The Fate of this Awesome Journey

As you know, I started Journey into Awesome to chronicle my research process as I got ready for the Comics and Popular Art Conference at this year’s Dragon*Con. Well, the con is almost here and I’ve been pondering the fate of this blog.

I have decided that after Dragon*Con I’m going to continue my research into the world of real life superheroes and keep the blog going. However, since there are so many comic related topics that I want to discuss, I’ve decided to broaden the blog’s scope a bit.

Now this won’t be the place to talk about who punched who. There are already plenty of sites like that. I’ll be researching and discussing sociopolitical issues, gender representation in comic, and things of that nature.

I hope you’ll continue reading through the transition. I’m really excited about the possibilities and I hope you are too.

What kind of comic related topics would you like to see discussed? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll do a little research.

Why Wear a Mask?

Why does Phoenix Jones wear a mask?

You know what a real life superhero (RLSH) is, but why do they do it? What’s the point of a mask? According to Phoenix Jones there are several reasons.

1.) Protects Identity – This may seem ridiculous, but Phoenix claims it can actually be a real problem. He says that when he started patrolling sans suit, people started to recognize him as “that guy who breaks up fights.” Now with the anonymity granted to him by his mask, he can live a normal life when not on patrol.

2.) Physical Protection – This is another practical purpose as many RLSHs include protective gear as part of their suits. Phoenix’s uniform incorporates bulletproof material, as well as stab plates. Continue reading ‘Why Wear a Mask?’

Super Amigos: A Film Review and Discussion

The social wrestlers from Super Amigos from left to right: Ecologista Universal, Super Animal, Super Barrio, Super Gay, and Fray Tormenta (not pictured)

If you haven’t seen the 2007 film Super Amigos let me strongly recommend checking it out. It is a must see for anyone interested in the real life superhero movement. Continue reading ‘Super Amigos: A Film Review and Discussion’

The Problem with Definitions

Phoenix Jones patrols the streets of Seattle

The problem I face with crafting a workable definition of a real life superhero is that in order for the definition to be successful it must clearly identify and explain a very complex  movement of people in the most simplest of terms possible. This difficultly is only compounded by the fact that the movement’s own members still debate the nature of the movement.

Sure, the majority of the time identifying a real life superhero is very easy. If you see someone dressed as superhero while doing a good deed chances are they’re a real life superhero (RLSH). Take media darling, Phoenix Jones for example. This self-proclaimed RLSH patrols the streets of Seattle breaking up fights, harassing drug dealers, and stopping robberies all while dressed in a suit made from bulletproof material and stab plates. Continue reading ‘The Problem with Definitions’

Real Life Superheroes Defined

We all know what a superhero is but what is a real life superhero?

Welcome back, fair reader. When I last promised to explain what a real life superhero is, I didn’t quite realize the undertaking I had signed up for. As is often the case, any attempt to define a group of individuals (or dare I say subculture) is tricky at best. At worst it can be horribly offensive. That being said, here goes nothing.

Continue reading ‘Real Life Superheroes Defined’

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