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Journey into Awesome is Now on Facebook

facebook-iconIn case you haven’t noticed, Journey into Awesome is on Facebook!

If you haven’t already, head over to the Journey into Awesome Facebook page and give us a “like” to inject a little bit of awesome into your news feed. Hell, I may even share a few cat photos. The Internet still likes cat photos, right? Maybe I’ll find some dressed up as superheroes or something…

Journey into Awesome Has Been Featured on Freshly Pressed!

Superheroine Spotlight: Wonder Woman Freshy PressedIn case you hadn’t heard, Journey into Awesome was featured on Freshly Pressed this past Tuesday! (You can tell by the nifty new Freshly Pressed badge on the site.)

Seriously though, it’s an honor to have been featured and I’m overwhelmed with all the positive feedback I’ve gotten on my Wonder Woman spotlight. Thank you all for your congratulatory comments and kind words.

If you’re one of the site’s many new visitors, thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll stick around!

Super Lame Moving Delays

The Justice League International #88I’m sorry I didn’t deliver the promised post on Ma Hunkel last week. I’m currently moving and things have been going less than smoothly.

The last two posts for the Women’s History Month Superheroine Spotlight series are in the works and I’ll be publishing them both this week.

Stay tuned and thanks for understanding!

Now I Know How Fury Feels

Ultimate Nick Fury holding gun

“Are you looking at my EYE?”

Last week something randomly blew into my right eye. After a few hours at the ER, they finally managed to remove it. Since then, I’ve been wearing an eye patch like Nick Fury. Let me just say that it’s not nearly as fun as it looks.

Unfortunately, it’s not healing as quickly as we had hoped. According to the ophthalmologist I saw today, the ER isn’t the best place to have a foreign object removed from your eye as they have a tendency to rub it around in there causing more damage.

Continue reading ‘Now I Know How Fury Feels’

I Can Haz Update?

Let me apologize for the lack of recent updates. I’ve been working on a few projects that have been taking up quite a bit of my time. The good news is that they’re going well and I hope to share them with you soon. In the meanwhile, Journey into Awesome will be returning to a more regular posting schedule, so stay tuned!

My 2011 Dragon*Con Presentation

Myself and the Crimson Crusader

Dragon*Con weekend went extremely well. I would like to thank the wonderful audience who came out for my Comics & Popular Arts Conference presentation on Sunday morning. Despite Saturday night being the biggest party night of the con, Continue reading ‘My 2011 Dragon*Con Presentation’

Super Amigos: A Film Review and Discussion

The social wrestlers from Super Amigos from left to right: Ecologista Universal, Super Animal, Super Barrio, Super Gay, and Fray Tormenta (not pictured)

If you haven’t seen the 2007 film Super Amigos let me strongly recommend checking it out. It is a must see for anyone interested in the real life superhero movement. Continue reading ‘Super Amigos: A Film Review and Discussion’

The Problem with Definitions

Phoenix Jones patrols the streets of Seattle

The problem I face with crafting a workable definition of a real life superhero is that in order for the definition to be successful it must clearly identify and explain a very complex  movement of people in the most simplest of terms possible. This difficultly is only compounded by the fact that the movement’s own members still debate the nature of the movement.

Sure, the majority of the time identifying a real life superhero is very easy. If you see someone dressed as superhero while doing a good deed chances are they’re a real life superhero (RLSH). Take media darling, Phoenix Jones for example. This self-proclaimed RLSH patrols the streets of Seattle breaking up fights, harassing drug dealers, and stopping robberies all while dressed in a suit made from bulletproof material and stab plates. Continue reading ‘The Problem with Definitions’

I Can Haz Acceptance Letter?

Dragon*Con is held September 2-5 in Atlanta, Georgia

Yep, I recently received my acceptance email to present at the 4th Annual Comics and Popular Arts Conference at this year’s Dragon*Con. Last year I was so impressed with a session called Comics, Gender, and the Body that for the rest of the convention all I could think about was submitting an abstract for next year’s conference. Continue reading ‘I Can Haz Acceptance Letter?’

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