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Dragon*Con 2011 Highlights

Patriot, Hulking, & Wiccan cosplay at Dragon*Con 2012

As previous mentioned, Dragon*Con went well. There’s so much going on that I always feel like I’m missing something, but I did manage to make it to a few Comics & Popular Arts Conference presentations. Theresa Fine-Pawsey’s “Incognegro and the Legacy of Lynching” and¬†Christopher Belanger’s
“Counterfactual Cognition and Ethical Dilemmas: Lessons from Duncan The Wonder Dog” were both quite interesting despite the fact that I Continue reading ‘Dragon*Con 2011 Highlights’

My 2011 Dragon*Con Presentation

Myself and the Crimson Crusader

Dragon*Con weekend went extremely well. I would like to thank the wonderful audience who came out for my¬†Comics & Popular Arts Conference presentation on Sunday morning. Despite Saturday night being the biggest party night of the con, Continue reading ‘My 2011 Dragon*Con Presentation’

Today is Dragon Con 2011!

It is time!

Every year I swear that next year I’ll be more organized. Every year I say that I won’t stay up the night before packing. Yet somehow I never manage to get any sleep the night before Dragon*Con.

It’s ok, I’ll sleep when the con is over.

Speaking of the con, Continue reading ‘Today is Dragon Con 2011!’

Why Wear a Mask?

Why does Phoenix Jones wear a mask?

You know what a real life superhero (RLSH) is, but why do they do it? What’s the point of a mask? According to Phoenix Jones there are several reasons.

1.) Protects Identity – This may seem ridiculous, but Phoenix claims it can actually be a real problem. He says that when he started patrolling sans suit, people started to recognize him as “that guy who breaks up fights.” Now with the anonymity granted to him by his mask, he can live a normal life when not on patrol.

2.) Physical Protection – This is another practical purpose as many RLSHs include protective gear as part of their suits. Phoenix’s uniform incorporates bulletproof material, as well as stab plates. Continue reading ‘Why Wear a Mask?’

Tickets and a Book

Autobiography by James F. Phillips

Today my Dragon*Con tickets arrived. Physically holding the tickets is both exciting and a bit daunting. It’s my first year speaking at the con and I still have so much information to organize.

Speaking of more information to organize, I also discovered that my copy of Raising Kane: The Fox Chronicles has arrived. It’s the autobiography of one James F. Phillips who is more commonly known by his alter ego: The Fox. Continue reading ‘Tickets and a Book’

Super Amigos: A Film Review and Discussion

The social wrestlers from Super Amigos from left to right: Ecologista Universal, Super Animal, Super Barrio, Super Gay, and Fray Tormenta (not pictured)

If you haven’t seen the 2007 film Super Amigos let me strongly recommend checking it out. It is a must see for anyone interested in the real life superhero movement. Continue reading ‘Super Amigos: A Film Review and Discussion’

I Can Haz Acceptance Letter?

Dragon*Con is held September 2-5 in Atlanta, Georgia

Yep, I recently received my acceptance email to present at the 4th Annual Comics and Popular Arts Conference at this year’s Dragon*Con. Last year I was so impressed with a session called Comics, Gender, and the Body that for the rest of the convention all I could think about was submitting an abstract for next year’s conference. Continue reading ‘I Can Haz Acceptance Letter?’

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