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Transmetropolitan: The Best Comic About Politics and U.S. Elections

Transmetropolitan Vol 1 from VertigoIn case you live under a rock, the 2012 U.S. presidential election is just one week away.

But I’ve decided not to write a long and drawn out article as to why you should vote for a candidate who cares about women’s rightsLGBT rights, and who isn’t an advocate of enforcing draconian obscenity laws (while still accepting campaign donations from porn promoters). Instead, I’d like to share a little about my favorite comic about politics and U.S. elections:  Transmetropolitan (1997-2002). Continue reading ‘Transmetropolitan: The Best Comic About Politics and U.S. Elections’

It’s Not Over Yet: Fight SOPA/PIPA

I’m a bad blog owner. I haven’t put up a single post about yesterday’s blackout, but that ends now!

As I’m sure you noticed, yesterday Wikipedia and thousands of other websites chose to blackout as part of a protest Continue reading ‘It’s Not Over Yet: Fight SOPA/PIPA’

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