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Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Racist in Legal Street Battle

Phoenix Jones of the Rain City Superhero Movement

It would seem that real life superhero Phoenix Jones recently got to punch out a real life racist! Continue reading ‘Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Racist in Legal Street Battle’

Jewish Civilian Patrol Stops Real Life Red Skull

RL Brooklyn Robber looked like Marvel’s Red SkullIn stark contrast to the real life superheroes I’ve discussed before, it appears that a few Brooklyn banks were being terrorized by a Red Skull look-alike before being stopped by a Jewish civilian patrol.

The New York Post reported that Kevin Crawford, 20, allegedly robbed a couple of banks in Brooklyn with a gun and a Halloween mask reminiscent of Captain America’ arch nemesis, the Red Skull.

It all started on Tuesday, October 19th when he successfully made off with $1,960 from the Dime Savings Bank in Williamsburg. Continue reading ‘Jewish Civilian Patrol Stops Real Life Red Skull’

Assault Charges Dropped on RLSH Phoenix Jones

Benjamin Fodor aka Phoenix Jones has had his October assault charge dropped.

There’s finally some good news for Phoenix Jones, as the City of Seattle has officially dropped the misdemeanor assault charges against the real life super hero. As you’ll remember, last month Phoenix Jones was arrested Continue reading ‘Assault Charges Dropped on RLSH Phoenix Jones’

Phoenix Jones’ Arrest, Unmasking, and Return

Benjamin Fodor, 23 aka Phoenix Jones

This past week has been a turbulent one for Seattle based real life superhero, Phoenix Jones. It started last Sunday, October 9, 2011 at approximately 2:30am when the RLSH was arrested on charges of assault. While patrolling Jones pepper sprayed a group of individuals Continue reading ‘Phoenix Jones’ Arrest, Unmasking, and Return’

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