My DragonCon 2015 Appearances

DragonCon 2014 logoI’m speaking again this year at DragonCon 2015 as part of the Annual Comics & Popular Arts Conference! Check out my schedule below.

“Roundtable: History of Gender and Race in Comics” – Comics professionals & scholars discuss historical issues of gender and race in comics, such as the feminist and racist themes in early Wonder Woman. Friday (9/4) 8:30 PM in Hanover F (Hyatt).

“Wonder Woman and Greek Mythology” – Two scholars explore problematic representations of the Amazons and Greek mythology, their appropriation and reconfiguration in Wonder Woman comics. Saturday 9/5 10:00 AM in Hanover F (Hyatt).

“Roundtable: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Comics” – Comics professionals & scholars discuss the increase in positive representations as well as the continuing problems in the industry. Saturday (9/5) 8:30 PM in Hanover F (Hyatt).

“Diversity and Sexuality in Comics” – Discussing the importance of inclusive practices in Comics. Sunday (9/6) at 8:30 PM in Hanover F (Hyatt).

1 Response to “My DragonCon 2015 Appearances”

  1. 1 Baby Nightsoil September 6, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    The parade forced me to take the long long way to the back of the Hyatt so I missed most of your Wonder Woman panel, but what I caught was really solid. Every time I see you at a panel I think, “Damn, this guy really knows his stuff.”

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