My MomoCon 2015 Speaker Schedule

MomoCon Atlanta GAI’ll be speaking at MomoCon 2015 in Atlanta, GA this month. Check out the full schedule below and come say hi!

Female Objectification through the Ages – A survey of objectifying art from the Italian Renaissance to modern day comics. This academic discussion will focus on how women’s objectification in classic fine art has influenced the treatment of women in contemporary comics. Check out my abstract for Tights, Tits, and Titian for more info. Saturday 5/30 at 12:30am (“Friday” night). Room: Panels 302 (A-302, GWCC 3).

Why Wonder Woman? Tracing the Rise of a Feminist Icon – An academic exploration of how historical changes in Wonder Woman have reflected women’s changing role in society. See the Why Wonder Woman abstract for more info. Saturday 5/30 at 8pm. Room: Panels 404 (A-404, GWCC 4).

Race, Gender, & Sexuality Issues in Cosplay – An academic led discussion of race, gender, and sexuality as it relates to Cosplay and Fandom. Saturday 5/30 at 9:30pm. Room: Panels 302 (A-302, GWCC 3).

Fanart & Cosplay – Social Commentary : Making Our Own Diversity  – Cosplay and fanart share many intersections. Both are pursuits with active fan communities who value hard work, technical skills, and originality. They also make great vehicles for social commentary and allow fans to fill a diversity gap in media! Sunday 5/31 at 3:30pm. Room: Panels 404 (A-404, GWCC 4).

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