DragonCon 2014 Recap

DragonCon 2014 Kelly Sue DeConnick duckface selfie

Post-panel duckface selfie with Kelly Sue

So I realized it’s high past time for a DragonCon ’14 recap.

The con was amazing. Both panels were standing room only with topnotch audiences. People actually stood in line for 30 minutes to get into a Monday afternoon panel with the word “feminism” in the title. Bravo, folks.

And of course, Kelly Sue DeConnick was every bit as awesome as you’d expect.

When not presenting, I got a chance to meet a bunch of other talented creators like Jeremy Whitley (Princeless), Roc Upchurch (RatQueens), and (thanks to a 2 am chance encounter en route to the puppet slam) George Pérez; I picked up a ton of golden age trades like Phantom Lady, Sheena, and Crime Does Not Pay that I’m still trying to squeeze into my over-stuffed book shelves; and I bought a few new art prints.

Kari Storla, Vickie Willis Kelly, John Flowers, Daniel Amrhein, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Laurenn McCubbin DragonCon 2014

“Roundtable on Race, Gender, & Sexuality in Comics & Fandom” with Kari Storla, Vickie Willis Kelly, John Flowers, Daniel Amrhein, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Laurenn McCubbin

I also started a new con sketch book with a Wonder Woman entry from the very talented Cassie Hart Kelly and an amazing Katee-Sackhoff-as-Captain-Marvel by Kendra Stout (which I’m happy to report was entirely the artist’s idea).

For those unable to attend my Why Wonder Woman talk, I’ve already began adapting it into a series of blog posts which I’ll start publishing just as soon as I’m finished with my New 52 Wonder Woman review. The last few entries in that series are all ready in progress and should be up shortly.

Wonder Woman DragonCon color sketch

Wonder Woman by Cassie Hart Kelly

Katee Sackhoff Captain Marvel color sketch by Kendra Stout

Katee Sackhoff Captain Marvel by Kendra Stout






1 Response to “DragonCon 2014 Recap”

  1. 1 Miranda October 1, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    I was at the round table discussion. It was AWESOME! Definitely worth the extra hour.

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