Jewish Civilian Patrol Stops Real Life Red Skull

RL Brooklyn Robber looked like Marvel’s Red SkullIn stark contrast to the real life superheroes I’ve discussed before, it appears that a few Brooklyn banks were being terrorized by a Red Skull look-alike before being stopped by a Jewish civilian patrol.

The New York Post reported that Kevin Crawford, 20, allegedly robbed a couple of banks in Brooklyn with a gun and a Halloween mask reminiscent of Captain America’ arch nemesis, the Red Skull.

It all started on Tuesday, October 19th when he successfully made off with $1,960 from the Dime Savings Bank in Williamsburg.

Robber's mask seemingly based of Marvel super villian

“Red Skull” mask of alleged armed robber, Kevin Crawford

The next day, he tried unsuccessfully to rob the Emigrant Savings Bank in Fort Greene but got spooked and ran away empty-handed. After this blotched attempted, the robber made his biggest mistake yet. While trying fleeing the scene of his third bank with $8,000 in stolen cash, the “Red Skull” was stopped and detained by the Borough Park Shomrim, an unarmed, Hasidic civilian patrol.

Note that there’s no indication that Kevin Crawford is anti-Semitic, nor is there any evidence to suggest that he’s familiar with Marvel’s Red Skull (the mask he was wearing is not even a licensed Marvel product).

But the irony that a Jewish patrol group brought down an armed robber dressed as a Nazi is not lost on this comic nerd.

[Story via io9, photo via New York Post]

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