Thanks for Trying, Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers #1 coverI should start by saying that I have enjoyed the limited amount of Jonathan Hickman’s writing that I have read and I am looking forward to his run on New Avengers as part of Marvel Now.

However, I have to call him on what he recently said about his new lineup:

“By the time we get to 22 characters on the book, twelve are either female or minority, and we feel like we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do, which is a book that looks like the [real] world.”

Sorry Mr. Hickman, but it doesn’t seem like you know anything about demographics.

Twelve out of 22 characters being female or minority characters isn’t “like the [real] world.” Let’s assume we’re talking about a U.S. based team of heroes.

Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers #2 coverIf this team of 22 heroes were to truly represent U.S. demographics, we would need roughly eleven females, three black heroes, four Hispanic characters, and one Asian member. That’s not even considering the inclusion of an American Indian, Pacific Islander, or a character with two or more races.

That’s quite a ways away from twelve female or minority characters.

The Avengers’ membership is currently a long way from being representative of U.S. demographics. I truly appreciate that Hickman is attempting to make things a little more diverse. Furthermore, I’m glad that he’s not making the same mistake that DC has with their whiter and more male New 52.

I honestly believe that we’re on the same side here, but unfortunately, he missed the mark.

Via Comic Alliance

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