My Favorite Four LGBTQ Couples in Marvel Comics

Variant cover to Astonishing X-men #51In case you haven’t heard, Northstar and Kyle Jinadu are getting married today in Astonishing X-Men #51!

Comic fans across the country are celebrating and there are even two same sex marriages scheduled to take place today at Midtown Comics in Downtown New York. I can honestly say that I haven’t been this excited about a comic book wedding since Jean Grey and Cyclops got married back in 1994.

To celebrate this Marvel milestone, I’ve decided to share my favorite four LGTBQ couples in Marvel Comics:

#4 Northstar & Kyle

The only reason Northstar and Kyle aren’t higher on the list is because the couple is still fairly new to the Marvel Universe. Although Northstar has been openly gay since 1992, Kyle was only introduced to readers 3 short years ago. Even after Kyle’s introduction, the couple really hasn’t gotten much time on panel until Marjorie Liu got ahold of them.

Northstar hold Kyle while flying in Astonishing X-MenThat being said, in the short time since Liu has been writing the couple she has managed to really flesh out Kyle’s character. He’s a complex character who is so afraid that he might lose his man to violence that he has actually refused to flee danger despite having no powers or combat training. He’s also strong enough to not take any crap from Northstar when he’s acting like an idiot. In short, he’s the perfect guy for our favorite Canadian speedster.

#3 Rictor & Shatterstar

There has long been speculation among fans that X-Force’s Shatterstar and Rictor where more than friends, but that’s all it was until X-Factor #45 in 2009.

While on assignment, Rictor and Strong Guy are attacked by a brainwashed Shatterstar. After nearly killing his former teammates, Shatterstar awakes confused and scared from the mind control. Rictor then comforts Shatterstar by saying “Yeah, it’s me, dude. It’s okay. Whatever happened, it’s gonna be fine. No worries” and then the couple enjoys their first on panel kiss.

Ricotor and Shatterstar in X-Factor #45
Those were probably the two most touching panels I read in a cape book that year.

Shatterstar and Rictor

In addition to it being nice to see two badass warrior men depicted in a same sex relation, the couple has also allowed writer Peter David to explore some typical real word reactions to homosexuality.

Despite my enthusiasm, a number of the couple’s teammates were less than thrilled with the revelation. Strong Guy demonstrated some liberal hypocrisy by being incredibly uncomfortable with the couple and the avowed Christian Wolfsbane even lied to Rictor about a pregnancy to try and break them up in order to “save Rictor’s soul.” The fact that Rictor and  Shatterstar have overcome real world prejudices such as these, only compounds my love for them.

#2 Mystique & Destiny

Mystique and Destiny strioke a poseWe’re all drawn to tragedy, aren’t we?

Mystique has had many lovers. In fact, she’s a character who is known for her sexuality. That is what makes it even more tragic that her true love is gone.

Although Mystique and Destiny’s romance wasn’t explicitly stated at first, writer Chris Claremont certainly gave readers enough clues to know what was going on. The couple even adopted a daughter together who would later become the X-Man Rogue.

Mystique hugs Destiny

Happier times.

These two ladies are about as badass as you can get. In addition to raising a family, these two also ran the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (and later Freedom Force). Mystique may have officially been calling the shots, but she would have been a fool to not listen to Irene. After all, she was a precog.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end well for the couple as Destiny was eventually killed on a mission. I hope she comes back, because I don’t think Mystique will ever find another lady like Destiny.

Mystique cradles her dead lover Destiny

#1 Hulkling & Wiccan

Teddy and Billy from Young Avengers

The Young Avenger’s Hulkling (Teddy Altman) and Wiccan (Billy Kaplan)

While I think it’s important to depict LGBT couples such as Rictor and Shatterstar overcoming prejudices, I also think that it’s equally important to depict them surrounded by loving friends and family who unconditionally love them and accept them for who they are. That’s one of the reasons I love Hulkling and Wiccan so much.

One of my favorite scenes with the couple is when they try to tell Billy’s parents that they’re secretly superheroes. Billy’s parents misunderstand and assume the boys are coming out of the closet. The reaction of Billy’s parents is one of the sweetest coming out scenes I’ve ever seen in any type of media.

Wiccan and Hulkling coming out to Wiccan's parents

In addition to the couple’s loving support structure,  Billy and Teddy are also very supportive to each other. In fact, Hulking will often give Wiccan the “I believe in you, you’ve got this” speech when he’s having trouble controlling his powers. It’s nice to see that despite the hardships the boys might face, they share a very healthy and loving relationship with one another.

Hulkling and Wiccan's first on panel kiss

So what’s your favorite LGBT couple in comics? Comment and share it with us!

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