Hilarious The Goon (Death of the Goon) Mainstream Superhero Parody

Death of the Goon ComicI just saw this amazing cover for The Goon #39 (Death of the Goon) over at Comics Alliance and I had to share it!

I especially love the “new origin” complete with plenty of minority stuffing! Although, what really brings it home for me is the “new” Dark Horse Comics logo and the line “costume changes every five issues, fools people into thinking they’re getting something new.”

The Goon #39 by Eric Powell

The official synopses from Dark Horse:

In order to try to compete with the gimmicks and rehashes of the Big Two superhero companies, Eric Powell has decided to completely sell out and relaunch the Goon in this super-epic, brand new, first-ever first edition of the 39th issue of The Goon! Not only do the Goon and Franky get new costumes, but we also discover there are different-colored versions of the Goon! Green Goon! Red Goon! Blue Goon! Purple Goon! WHAT A PLOT!

Superman Red and Superman Blue

If you don’t get the bit about the new “multicolored Goons” then consider yourself lucky that you never had the misfortune of experiencing the dreaded Superman Red and Superman Blue. It was so bad that it actually managed to make The Death of Superman look like the pinnacle of graphic storytelling.

Everything about this cover manages to makes me happy.

The Goon #39 hits store shelves on April 25th.

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