Assault Charges Dropped on RLSH Phoenix Jones

Benjamin Fodor aka Phoenix Jones has had his October assault charge dropped.

There’s finally some good news for Phoenix Jones, as the City of Seattle has officially dropped the misdemeanor assault charges against the real life super hero. As you’ll remember, last month Phoenix Jones was arrested after using pepper spray on a group of individuals that he claims was beating another individual. (Read more about Phoenix Jones’ arrest and see the unedited video of the alleged assault).

Due to this arrest, Phoenix’s long held secret identity was finally revealed to be one Benjamin Fodor. We have since learned that this 23 year old amateur mixed martial arts fighter has recently lost his day job teaching autistic children as a home-care provider, due to the arrest.

Now, the charges have been officially dropped against the rlsh due to what City Attorney Pete Holmes refers to as “proof problems.” It seems, however, that Holmes just couldn’t resist opening condemning the hero and further sensationalizing the arrest despite the apparent lack of proof. In his statement, Holmes stated that “Mr. Fodor is no hero, just a deeply misguided individual.” Holmes then went on to refer to Phoenix Jones as Fodor’s “vigilante alter ego,” despite the fact that a “vigilante” is an individual who disregards lawful procedures and that Phoenix Jones has never been convicted of such an offense.

What can truly be gleamed from Mr. Holmes’ remarks is that the City of Seattle arrested a man without adequate proof that a crime had been committed, caused him to lose his job teaching autistic children, and throw his life into disarray. Now, despite a lack of proof, the City is openly attacking him as he attempts to put his life back together.

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