Phoenix Jones’ Arrest, Unmasking, and Return

Benjamin Fodor, 23 aka Phoenix Jones

This past week has been a turbulent one for Seattle based real life superhero, Phoenix Jones. It started last Sunday, October 9, 2011 at approximately 2:30am when the RLSH was arrested on charges of assault. While patrolling Jones pepper sprayed a group of individuals who, Phoenix claims, were fighting.

After Phoenix Jones inserted himself into the situation, the individuals in questions dispersed. In the uncut footage, you can see that one particular group of the individuals in question actually hits another individual with their car while speeding off.

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.

After police arrived, Fodor was arrested for assault. According to the Seattle Times, Fodor was held for just over seven hours in the King County Jail before posting his $3,800 bail on Sunday. Public Cola reports that on Thursday, October 13, 2011, Fodor appeared in court “just before 9:00 am wearing slacks, a striped black shirt, and a face-covering black and gold rubber mask.” Fodor complied when asked to remove his mask in court. After court, he replaced his mask and spoke with the assembled press outside of the court. Then, in a dramatic gesture, he removed his mask to declare “I’m Phoenix Jones. I’m also Ben Fodor. I’m also a father.”

For those interested, I09 has a longer version of the hero’s unmasking.

Charges have not yet been filled against Mr. Fodor.

The MMA fighter Ben Fodor in and out of costume.

As promised at his Peter Parker-esque unmasking speech, Phoenix appeared back on the streets of Seattle on Friday, October 14, 2011. He met roughly 40 citizens who participated in the hero’s patrol at roughly 10:01 pm 1st and Pike.

You have the uncut footage, what do you think? Did Phoenix pepper spray a group of people dancing in the streets or was he breaking up a fight?

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