I Can Haz Acceptance Letter?

Dragon*Con is held September 2-5 in Atlanta, Georgia

Yep, I recently received my acceptance email to present at the 4th Annual Comics and Popular Arts Conference at this year’s Dragon*Con. Last year I was so impressed with a session called Comics, Gender, and the Body that for the rest of the convention all I could think about was submitting an abstract for next year’s conference.

Now, armed with my acceptance email, I shall go forth and write my presentation tentatively entitled “The Cape and Mask: An Analytic Look at the Symbolism and Iconography of Real Life Superheroes.”

So, why should you care? Well, fair reader, I have decided to chronicle my awesome journey over the next 59 days as I attempt to collect my thoughts and make contact with and interview real life superheroes (RLSH). Some posts may be snippets of one of these interviews or just information that I found particularly interesting. And if you are one of the many who are still wondering “What is this crazy man going on about?” have no fear. I’ll be explaining what a RLSH is soon enough. So sit back and enjoy, unless of course you are a RLSH. In that case get in touch with me. You’re one of the people I ‘m looking for.

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